I’m interested in how design relates across its different mediums. I had an idea to approach designing a chair as if it were a logo design: initially designing the silhouette of the chair and focusing on its two-dimensional form. Next, ‘turning’ it to render its three-dimensional spacial qualities and solving the problem of functionality.

The chair design was inspired by Brutalist Architecture, exuding a lack of concern to appear comfortable and instead imposing the honesty of its purpose through the use of modest, raw materials and straight forward construction.

Modul is about necessity. What are the essential things we need in our homes? How can we be inspired to simplify the spaces we live in? The brand identity, is elegant, witty, and blunt. A modular design system that can be expanded and contracted depending on its audience and application. I thought carefully about what was essential when considering type, color, and image.The result is an intentionally cold, raw feeling brand with no objective of communicating comfort, only elemental form and function.


2017 BFA Capstone
Graphic Design : Nick Dean Smith
Photography : Nick Dean Smith
Industrial Design : Ian Malott


Product Design
Brand Identity
Package Design